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"The Best Presenters Have Conversations with their Audiences." Robert Bly

Celebrity Educators: 

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  Celebrity Educators Online Conference Prep

Young Business Woman
Attire for Women

Dress to Impress

  • Wear a neat and professional hairstyle

  • Apply make-up if necessary

  • Dress professionally

  • Wear interview attire

  • Accessorize (Pearls Recommended or simple jewelry)

Business Portrait
Attire for Men

Look Good

  • Wear a suit or shirt & tie with slacks

  • Groom hair and beard

  • Select attire that makes you feel empowered

Close Up
Backdrop & Video

Lights, Camera & Action

  • Make sure your backdrop is neat and clutter free

  • Test your recording device's mic and camera lens 

  • Select colors to wear that looks good on video

  • Smile and make good eye contact

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